I have a wealth of experience with newborns and my aim is to calm any fears you may have regarding this genre of photography.

The sessions take place in the comfort of my Studio in North London. Alternatively, if you would like an unposed lifestyle session it can take place at your home. Having had two babies myself I understand so well how difficult life with a newborn can be, so I take great care not to add stress to these early days. Many parents do, in fact, take a moment or two for themselves during their time with me. Not only will I be photographing your baby, I will also be looking after them and bringing them to you for feeds, nappy changes and cuddles (I may occasionally ask you to spot Baby for me). You will only ever be a few feet away from where I am working with your little one, so please take this precious time to relax and have baby-free arms for a short while. I have had countless Daddies take a snooze on my sofa during their newborn shoot!

My sessions start at 10am so that you have time to organise yourselves leaving the house with your baby (Clients often tell me this is their first trip out) and to miss the rush hour. I am able to start a little earlier if I am coming to you depending on location, traffic and so on.

Newborn photography sessions with me are not rushed, I work around you and your baby to ensure that you can give them as much time as they need to feed, have a nappy change or to simply be cuddled.


The ideal time for your newborn session to take place is when your baby is between five and 12 days old. This is so I can photograph your baby while they still truly look ‘newborn’. It’s during these first weeks that they are at their most sleepy, love to be swaddled and are happy to be curled up into beautiful natural poses.


The care of you and your little one(s) is paramount. I practice safe posing techniques at all times. If you are looking for a very specific pose please let me know when you enquire to see if this is a pose I am happy to do. If during a session I am asked to pose a baby in a way that I feel is unsafe or could harm them I have the right to refuse.

I am a member of The Baby & Newborn Photography Network and also The Guild of Photographers who strive for high standards in customer service, image excellence and safe practice across the profession of newborn photography. I have an up to date full DBS check and I am fully insured.


Bookings for newborn photography sessions should be made as far in advance as possible, and ideally three or four months before your baby’s birth. This is to ensure that I can secure your preferred date.

Please get in touch with me after your 12-week scan and I will book your session for seven days after your anticipated due date. I keep my diary as flexible as possible as babies simply arrive when they are ready! Once your baby is born we can then arrange the exact date of the session. Please contact me as soon as possible after your baby’s birth so that we can confirm when your session will take place.

If you are having a planned C section or induction we can get a confirmed date booked in straight away.

If your baby has already arrived or is due soon, please do still enquire. I have to keep my diary flexible due to the nature of my work and I will always try to accommodate last-minute bookings.



A posed session includes styled set-ups. I use a variety of different props during these shoots to create a specific look and feel. Before the shoot we will discuss which colours and tones you favour so I can understand the aesthetic you would like me to achieve.  

I use accessories such as hand-knitted rompers, knitted bodysuits, woollen shorts, hats, wraps, hairbands, beautiful silk flowers and wooden baskets and boxes. All of my props are carefully chosen from high-quality vendors and artists and some I design myself. My aim during a posed newborn session is to capture both timeless natural images of your baby and more styled and posed images. 


If you are looking for natural, unposed images then this is the choice for you. No props will be used other than simple wraps or fabric backdrops to add texture and depth to an image. The focus is entirely on your precious newborn.


Home newborn sessions are available to those who would like to be photographed in their home and prefer more natural lifestyle family portraits. A home session will produce natural and simple lifestyle portraits of your newborn and family.


If your baby is 14 days to 12 weeks old I can still achieve beautiful images. What I capture will depend on your baby’s age but please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I can give you a good idea of what to expect. These sessions can involve some styled posing as well as some lifestyle natural shots of your baby.


You will be invited back to my studio one to two weeks after your session to view your final gallery of approximately 20 beautifully enhanced and fully edited images. It’s at this point when you may decide which package you may want to purchase.

I don’t charge for the shoot itself. It is entirely free to attend the shoot and have pictures taken of you and your baby. At no time are you are under any obligation to purchase a single image if you don’t wish to, in that case the shoot will have cost you nothing. Should you, however, wish to order just a few images or prints rather than a package, due to the time involved in processing, ordering and printing etc. or creating the multiple versions of files for USB there is a minimum order fee of £299. 

£99 non refundable retainer required in order to secure your booking. This will be deducted from your final order.

*In home session is an additional £50